Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Illustrated Coronation Guide Number

Vintage Magazine Illustrated Coronation Guide Number 1953 Royal Memorabilia

The vintage magazine is in a good condition for its age and would be ideal for a collector of ephemera, Royal memorabilia or old advertisements. The old magazine contains many historical news articles, photographs, illustrations and advertisements.

The articles include:
  • Symbol of Majesty.
  • How the Queen will be Crowned, an artist's authentic impression of the supreme moment in the abbey.
  • When Elizabeth Arrives.
  • They Will Hold the Crown.
  • Who's Who Inside the Abbey.
  • The March Of History.
  • The Royal Route, illustrated guide showing the detailed route.
  • Biggest Day for TV.
  • Joy Round The World.
  • Dinner At The Palace.
These fascinating historical news articles about Queen Elizabeth and the coronation are with photographs and illustrations.

There are many old advertisements including:
  • Currys Cyclist advertisement with £5000.00 Coronation Cycle Competition.
  • Minor Cigarette advert.
  • Beechams Pills, old Illustrated advertisements.
  • Puritan Soap, old advertisement full page illustrated in color.
  • Polaroid advert.
  • Royal Enfield Bicycle, old advertisement.
  • Whitbread Light Ales, vintage advert.
  • Ilford Films, old photography advertisement.
  • Chivers jelly ad.
  • Robinsons Barley Water, vintage advert.
  • BSA Cycles LTD. Old advertisement.
  • Kia-Ora advert, full colour illustrated adverts.
  • Booths Dry Gin, old vintage full colour advertisement illustrated.
  • Gillette Saftey Razor, full colour vintage advertisement illustrated.
  • Villiers Lawn Mower advert.
  • Andrex advert.
  • Selotape advert.
  • Frigidaire vintage ad.
  • Batchelors Foods, full colour illustrated old advertisement.
  • Capstans Cigarettes advertisement featuring Jack Hawkins.
  • Midland Bank Old vintage advert.
  • Weetabix Advertisement full colour illustrated with coupon for sample packet and recipe leaflet.
  • Phillip Morris, old cigarette tobacco adverts.
These old magazines are a great source for collecting ephemera, old advertising, illustrations and old photographs.


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