Monday, 27 September 2010


Today I have been breaking more books and have found some wonderful old prints, illustrations and all sorts of interesting things.

This is a nice old print from a 1930's book and is titled "The Lion-hearted King in the Holy Land" and was painted by Dudley Tennant.

I have just been messing round with framing and I am impressed with the results.
Oh well, back to scanning more of these images only a couple more hundred to do and thats just from a dozen or so books. You just never know what you can find.

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Its funny how tear can be translated as 'to rip' or as in 'shed a tear', and today I did feel a little sad. I have started ripping up books or should I say "breaking" old and vintage books, the feeling was 'sad'.
Hamlet and the Players by D Maclise original old print
Its a shame to destroy such fine old books especially when some of them are 'bound' so nicely. However, the books themselves have none or very little value as 'books' because of the condition they were in.
death of cleopatra by ford madox brown old prints
I had deliberated over doing this for some time, I did not have the "heart" but needs must and at least there are some 'good' things to come out of it.
malvolio and olivia by d maclise old print
Firstly, you could class this as recycling because the pages that are in a really bad condition, I pop in the "recycling" bin. Any pages in good condition but do not have any illustrations or text, I am keeping for the time being although this could become a problem.
The Wooing of Desdemona by CW Cope RA
What to do with these old pages is something I am having to think about and its a shame to see them go in the recycling bin. I had considered using them for some artwork, collages or maybe wall papering? All sounds a bit 'mad' but its only a thought!
florizel and perdita by mrs mary f raphael old prints
The best thing about these old books are the wonderful and sometimes, a little "weird"  illustrations. I have been saving these in order to frame and keep or sell as they are, cannot make up my mind which is best.
original illustration from vitalogy vintage old book
original illustration from vitalogy vintage old book
Meanwhile, I have just listed a load of old magazines and opera programmes to be sold and the money is going towards the cost of a college course I wish to attend. Its a short course, 8 evenings and I will be learning how to develop old black and white film into photographs.
cordelia and king lear by ford madox brown old print
The reason why I am going on this course is because I have 12 old undeveloped films all from around the 1940's that I wish to develop.
ferdinand lured by ariel by je millais old prints
So, on with ripping up old books and scanning these lovely old prints and other pieces of ephemera
cordelia comforting king lear in prison by george w joy old prints
PS I guess you figured out the reason for the title of this post, I have been 'breaking' a couple of the William Shakespeare's books. All printed in the 1930's so these prints are over 70 years old and there are 21 in total. They are all paintings by some of the 'masters' and there are some fine examples, I will post some more images soon.
othello and desdemona by hubert herkomer old print


An original copy of a 1961 Glyndebourne Opera Festival programme in very good condition for its age. The pages contain old photographs, images and illustrations about the opera festival and interviews with opera stars.
They include fashion, cigarettes and tobacco, travel, motor cars, household goods and many more collectible pieces of ephemera.
These old magazines are ideal for collectors of advertising ephemera, fashion adverts, artist and opera lovers. Some of the old adverts include:
  • Yardley full page color advert.
  • Frank Usher full page fashion advert in colour.
  • John Lewis advert full page colour.
  • Harveys full page colour advert.
  • Marks and Spencers full page illustrated advert.
  • Mentholised Cooltipt cigarettes by Abdulla illustrated full page ad.
  • Moss Bross Ltd full page illustrated advertisement in colour.
Coty, Pringle, Jaeger, Rank Organisation, The De Vere hotel and many more all 'full page' a lot in colour, ideal for framing.

There are some nice sketchs and photographs of the costumes and scenery for the operas. There was no expense spared when creating these old opera programmes and they are exceptional pieces of historic ephemera.


Picture Post 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, in good condition for age and ideal for a collector of advertising ephemera. Full of old photographs,news article and illustrations this old mag is a fascinating insight of history in the making.

There are some nice old illustrations by artist of the day and some wonderful photographs of the Queens Coronation. 

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Queen "The Royal Funeral" 1952 Old Magazine

The Queen "The Royal Funeral" 1952 Old Magazine

This old magazine is in a good condition for its age and the cover is fine apart from some minor wear. All 55 pages are in a very nice condition considering the age and only have some minor signs of age.
Old Magazines: Identification & Value Guide

The old magazine contains many old images, photographs and articles about the funeral King George VI.

There are also lots of old advertising for cars, shipping, perfume, cigarettes and a lot of fashion advertisements. Some are full page and illustrated in colour whilst others are black and white.

A great collection of old advertising ideal for collector's of ephemera or for framing.