Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ephemera, Prints and Paper

Whilst out hunting for ephemera, prints, magazine, books and old bits of paper to scan I come across all sorts of things and its amazing whats 'out' there. From old vintage fine art prints to wonderfully illustrated books and magazine articles. If I can scan it I cannot resist owning such things, even if its only for a short while.
Magazine article illustration, colour print showing detail.
I have all sorts of ephemera, paper, prints and old magazines plus an ever growing number of vintage illustrations, publications and books. Although its great to own the original I will be selling off various pieces. I enjoy dealing in such things and if like me, you enjoy discovering some of the wonderful artwork, you will find all sorts of ephemera on my blog.
Black & White Instructional Illustration
The great thing about ephemera is that they can be used for a number of art projects including decoupage, scrapbooks, greeting cards and anything else, you just have to use your imagination.
Clipped Cutting for Digital Scrapbook
If you are decorating the home then the Virtue prints I have make a great decorators piece, ideal for any interior designer. They can easily be mounted and framed at very reasonable costs and imagine how good they would look hanging on your wall.
Virtue & Co. Fine Art Prints c.1920
I enjoy scanning the ephemera and using the images to create media to be used in art projects, ebooks, websites and so on. Most of the prints and ephemera are in the public domain and copyright has expired so its legal but always make sure of this for yourself. There are plenty of places to check to be sure and the safest way is "if you are not 100% sure" then do not copy.
Page from Cassells Book Of Knowledge Colour Illustration.
Everything I will be selling over the coming months are original and are ideal for collectors of ephemera who wish to own the real thing. If you use any of the ephemera in a 'project' then it would be great to hear from you to see your creations.
Digitally Edited PUNCH 1859 ready for printing.
The illustration above can be easily printed with a home computer and is a part of a project I am working on at the moment involving old vintage Punch magazines. It includes digitally enhancing some of the pictures and illustrations especially the 'smaller' images. You can view some of the work on a previous post and theres some more free digitally enhanced prints.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

National Geographic Magazine

For sale are two copies of the National Geographic Magazine, one dating January 1956 Volume CIX No.1 & the other December 1960. Both are in a used and worn state but not to bad for their age, there are a couple of pages stuck in the 1956 issue.
Both issues are packed full of interesting articles the one features Japan and photographs plus a nice selection of advertising. The 1960 issue has a nice Christmas Coco Cola advert on the back featuring Santa Claus,the page does show some signs of age and probably not in the best condition.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have a number of old Punch illustrations removed from a volume of Punch magazine dating 1859. Its not until you study them in detail that you can see just how good they are and how skillful the illustrator's were. Over the next couple of weeks I will be updating this post and adding some of the wonderful illustrations I have found.

The detail is amazing and if you magnify the drawings you will see all sorts 'going' on!
If you scan the pages they can be enlarged to be able to see some of the work and to think they would have had to carve these out to print them.
At the moment I am working on a 'project' and hopefully the end result will be in the form of an Ebook and this will be packed full of images and scanned pages from various issues. The illustration below is from 1859 and one of the smaller pictures. I have cleaned it up, the actual page was showing various signs of age including 'foxing' and stains. If you 'right' click and save the image to your PC then it should be easy to print off a copy and should fit on an A4 sheet of paper.

The pictures below are various Punch characters I have 'clipped' digitally from some of the illustrations. These are great fun and ideal for a number of art projects including scrapbooks, clipart or anything you can think of. I am using some to create some T-shirt designs with a twist or should I say 'Punch'!
Check back soon for updates for this post.