Sunday, 26 September 2010


An original copy of a 1961 Glyndebourne Opera Festival programme in very good condition for its age. The pages contain old photographs, images and illustrations about the opera festival and interviews with opera stars.
They include fashion, cigarettes and tobacco, travel, motor cars, household goods and many more collectible pieces of ephemera.
These old magazines are ideal for collectors of advertising ephemera, fashion adverts, artist and opera lovers. Some of the old adverts include:
  • Yardley full page color advert.
  • Frank Usher full page fashion advert in colour.
  • John Lewis advert full page colour.
  • Harveys full page colour advert.
  • Marks and Spencers full page illustrated advert.
  • Mentholised Cooltipt cigarettes by Abdulla illustrated full page ad.
  • Moss Bross Ltd full page illustrated advertisement in colour.
Coty, Pringle, Jaeger, Rank Organisation, The De Vere hotel and many more all 'full page' a lot in colour, ideal for framing.

There are some nice sketchs and photographs of the costumes and scenery for the operas. There was no expense spared when creating these old opera programmes and they are exceptional pieces of historic ephemera.

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