Thursday, 28 April 2011

Canvas Oil Paintings

The other day I found amongst my collection of ephemera a pile of canvas paintings I never knew I had, they must of been in a box of paper I had purchased at an auction.
They are hand painted in oils and painted on a thick canvas ready to be framed. Some of the paintings are very nice indeed and the artist has done a great job in my humble opinion. Talking of artist, they are signed and I will have to do some 'googling' to see if there is any information about who painted them.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Virtue & Company Vintage prints

Over time I have collected a number of old vintage prints because they are just wonderful to own. Some of my favourites have been the vintage prints by Virtue & Co especially the fine art prints. The ones I have are date around the 1930's and were from an old art magazine published by Virtue & Co.
Vintage Fine Art Print by Alma-Tadema titled "The Frigidarium"circa 1930 Virtue & Co.
These vintage prints, just over 80 years old are in wonderful condition and ideal for framing and putting on display. As collectible ephemera, they do have a number of other uses and are ideal for those who make scrapbook art, decoupage or collage's.
Vintage Fine Art Print by Dante G Rossetti title "Day Dreams" circa 1930 Virtue & Co.
Each print was loosely pasted to a larger piece of paper and had a tissue guard with the title and artist printed on. I have been busy sorting out my collection photographing, scanning and preparing the vintage prints for sale on my Ebay over the coming weeks.
Vintage Fine Art Print by Philippe de Champaigne title "Cardinal Richelieu" circa 1930 Virtue & Co.
The picture above is an original scan of one of the vintage fine art prints which should be simple to print out, may require a little adjustment to get the best results. The scan is 300 dpi so should print out fine on an A4 piece of paper although they can be printed out larger. The print is copyright free so please help yourself, just click on image and save to your computer.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Illustrated Homecoming Souvenir Issue Magazine 1954

The Illustrated Homecoming Souvenir Issue Magazine 1954 was published to celebrate the return of Queen Elizabeth II from the tour of the Commonwealth.
Illustrated Homecoming Souvenir Issue Magazine 1954
Packed full of photo's and news articles, this is a wonderful old magazine that would appeal to collectors of vintage magazines, Royal memorabilia, old advertising ephemera and anyone who enjoys reading about current events of the times.
Schweppes Advert
There are some great old advertisements in the old magazine including cigarette adverts, sweet ads and an interesting Dunlop advert. 
Old Dunlop Shoe Fashion Advert
There are many full page colour adverts and plenty of smaller ads for household goods and remedy's within the vintage magazine.
Old Magazine Adverts
The news articles in the mag are interesting and well worth a read, there's a great magazine article about the famous actor Marlon Brando when he was at his peak.
marlon brando magazine article 1954 illustrated Magazine
The magazine article about fingerprinting is very interesting and explains about the early days of using forensic examinations to capture criminals.
Fingerprint Magazine Article 1954
This old magazine is in not too bad a condition considering its over 50 years old and there's are some aging 'issues' but nothing too bad. Ideal for a collector of ephemera, advertising, Royal memorabilia or magazine news articles, there is something here for everyone.
Picasso Magazine Article
By this magazine and more now on my Ebay -  CHARLIEQUINS

Below are some more images of what's in this old magazine, please click to enlarge.