Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vintage Childrens Book - The After You Story Book

A lovely old childrens illustrated book with 6 colour illustrations and many black and white illustrations. The inside cover pages have been illustrated by Heath Robinson.


The book is showing its age but is in not to bad a condition considering it must of been published over 50+ years ago? I am guessing this book must have been published in the 1930's or there abouts but not entirley sure.

The pages do have some stains, foxing and very small tears but not many, the colour prints are not effected by this (borders are) but some of the full page black and white pictures may have some signs of age.

There are some great prints within the book including animals, one of cats and one of dogs.

The prints still retain their vibrant colour and would be ideal for framing if the book was to be a 'breaker'.

It would be a shame to 'break' such a wonderful old book like this but it does happen.

The Heath Robinson illustrations are a good example of his work and shows what a great illustrator he was, hence his popularity amongs collectors of art.

The following are just some of the pages scanned from this book.

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