Sunday, 31 October 2010

Joe Spier illustrations 1930's

At a flea market the other week I found a book of illustrations by Joe Spier dated 1933 and  titled Teekeningen. I had never seen his work before and was very impressed with the illustrations even though they are not in the best of condition.
Joe Spiel Illustration De Brug Der Zuchten Amsterdam
There is a lot of  'foxing' around the illustrations but they are printed on good quality paper. If they were trimmed I think they would still look great framed.
Joe Spiel Illustration 1931 MANOEUVRES
 The detail is amazing and so I took a look around to find out more about the artist. He was a very popular Dutch artist who was arrested for during a parody of Hitler and managed to survive.
Joe Spiel Illustration Leidseplein
 I have tried to find out more about him but could not find a lot online but did find an interesting article about line drawing here.
Joe Spiel Illustration Blinde
There are 70 illustrations and I will put the rest up on my website as soon as possible.
Joe Spiel Illustration Bloembollen

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