Monday, 4 October 2010


The following advertisments have been cut from various magazines that date from the 1950's until the 1990's. Each advert has been scanned and due to the size of the full page ads, there may be some 'clipping' of the image. All of the adverts below are complete and measure around 9" 1/4 inches (23.5cm) X 11" 3/4 inches (29.5cm) and as much of the image will be retained. You can view more ephemera,ads and all sorts of interesting things on my website.
002 moss bros ad full page advert
003 moss bros of covent garden advert
001 pringle advert
004 bally advert
005 Jaeger advert.
006 bally advertisement
007 lentheric perfume advert
007 lentheric perfume advert
008 yardley perfume advert
008 elizabeth arden advert
010 elizabeth arden advert

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