Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I discovered a couple of Apollo journals the other day and forgot what great prints and pieces of ephemera were hiding amongst the pages. This Apollo date 1928 and contains a couple of very nice old prints.
The one above is from an advertisement and is one of my favourites, its a specimen colour plate and the title is "Portrait of a Lady" and was painted by Roger Van Der Weyden.
On the reverse is a print of "Pinkie" (Miss Mary Moulton Barrett) that was painted by Sir Thomas Laurence P.R.A. The print was offered to "annual" subscribers of the Apollo and if you signed up for two years you got the other print also, Mrs Davenport by Geo Romney R.A.
On the reverse of this is an interesting old advertisement and is a vintage map showing "rugs of the orient".
The next print is "The Guitar Player" by Vermeer and is attached to a good quality piece of black paper, sadly this is showing some signs of age.
Below are just some of the other nice old prints and ephemera:

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