Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vintage French Postcards Signs of the Zodiac Ephemera

The following photographs are pictures of postcards and each one represents a 'sign of the zodiac'. They are very decorative and ideal for a collector of ephemera or for using to create scrapbooks or decoupage art.

The postcards have not been used and printed on the reverse is 'Gallery Five' and Reproduced by kind permission of the Musee Conde, Chatilly, Phot Bibl net Paris. The Musee Conde is an old Chateau built in France around the 1500's.

The vintage postcards depict signs of the zodiac and they are


The condition of each card varies but overall, they are in a nice condition for their age. Not sure how old they are, probably not as old as they look, but still very decorative.

They are for sale and listed on my Ebay at a very reasonable price.

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