Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Antique1859 Punch Print "The London Charivari"

I discovered these antique Punch "The London Charivari" prints, along with another 50 or so, in a Punch book. The old book was in a poor condition and beyond restoration. Thankfully, the majority of the illustrations were preserved in a good condition considering they are over 150 years old.
Antique Print Punch 1859
The Punch cartoons were often very controversial when they were first published and even influenced political changes in society. The cartoons were created by some of the most talented artist of the day, John Tenniel, John Leech to name a couple.
Punch 1859 Antique Print - Keep Watch
These antique Punch prints were published in 1859 using woodblock printing techniques to print the illustrations. This method involved the artist drawing the illustration on a block of wood and then the picture was engraved into the wood. The image would of been drawn in reverse and often the artist themselves engraved the cartoon ready for printing.
Punch Antique Print 1859 Free Italy
Due to the nature of woodblock printing, the amount of prints created from the woodblock was limited because of the wear whilst printing. After a short run of printing the woodblock could be restored to continue printing, known as a 'second impression, third fourth and so on'.
Antique Punch Print 1859
The final results were never as good as the 'first impression' and these are the most sort after by collectors of antique prints.

Antique Prints 1859 Punch Illustrations

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