Saturday, 5 February 2011

Original 1859 PUNCH Illustrations 99p Each

I have over 50 original Punch prints all dating from 1859 and now that I have completed scanning them, its time to let them go and 99p each is cheap in my opinion. For each additional print purchased, it will be FREE shipping. If you wish to purchase any then please go see my Ebay sales and make a bid.

These are great for framing and all are in very good condition, one of the prints is a large 'fold' out page and great illustration.

I have hundreds of Punch illustration available as downloads and ideal for printing with a home computer. OK, its not like owning an original, but they still make very decorative pictures for framing.

The image below is one I have edited to print out on an A4 piece of paper  to get the best results. I have only tested on a cheap home printer and the results are not bad even with cheap paper.

Try it, just right click and save image to your computer and print away.

You could use a variety of paper and any colour to achieve either a 'new' look or if you print onto parchment paper the print would have that 'aged' look.
They could even be printed out onto canvas, t-shirts or turn them into clipart for digital art,scrapbooks etc. I can think of 101 uses for these wonderful old illustrations, can you?

I will post some more free images soon and if you want to use them then please help your self.

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