Wednesday, 23 February 2011

1914 1918 World War One Magazines "The Great War"

The first World War magazine was published during the Great War and is a fascinating piece of collectible ephemera or war memorabilia. Full of facts, pictures and information all about the weapons, battles and history of the 1914 1918 war.
1914 1918 World War One
The Great War magazine was first published in 1914 at the start of the war and each mag contains war pictures and facts about the various battles fought by the armies during the war years 1914 to 1918. The information about the trenches in the war and the conditions are very graphical and show how horrific the situation was for all involved.
Trenches in the War
I have almost completed creating a digital version of one of the issues of the Great War magazine and this will be available for download here in the very near future. This issue will contain over 11,000 words about the world war and many pics and interesting World War  One facts.
I have also managed to get some old original first World war documents  and some war posters to add to the 'downloadle'PDF e-book.
Weapons of World War One
The next issue I will be working on is "Victoria Crosses Won during the First Year of the War".

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