Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fine Art Antique Prints 1930's Canvas Paintings Art

The fine art prints date from the 1930's and were published in a magazine titled "Modern Masterpieces of British Art". The art magazine was published weekly and each edition contained a eight beautiful full colour pictures by the finest artist and painters.

Each print was printed onto a canvas textured paper and the quality is very good, the colours are vibrant and bright. The pages are a little larger than an A4 piece of paper including the margins, the prints are ideal for framing.

I have over 200 of these fine art prints and all will be sold on ebay over the coming weeks. Below are photographs of each 'lot'.

Fine Art Antique Prints 001

Fine Art Antique Prints 002
Fine Art Antique Prints 003

Fine Art Antique Prints 004

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