Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have a number of old Punch illustrations removed from a volume of Punch magazine dating 1859. Its not until you study them in detail that you can see just how good they are and how skillful the illustrator's were. Over the next couple of weeks I will be updating this post and adding some of the wonderful illustrations I have found.

The detail is amazing and if you magnify the drawings you will see all sorts 'going' on!
If you scan the pages they can be enlarged to be able to see some of the work and to think they would have had to carve these out to print them.
At the moment I am working on a 'project' and hopefully the end result will be in the form of an Ebook and this will be packed full of images and scanned pages from various issues. The illustration below is from 1859 and one of the smaller pictures. I have cleaned it up, the actual page was showing various signs of age including 'foxing' and stains. If you 'right' click and save the image to your PC then it should be easy to print off a copy and should fit on an A4 sheet of paper.

The pictures below are various Punch characters I have 'clipped' digitally from some of the illustrations. These are great fun and ideal for a number of art projects including scrapbooks, clipart or anything you can think of. I am using some to create some T-shirt designs with a twist or should I say 'Punch'!
Check back soon for updates for this post.

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